Forms for Therapists

Here are some forms you may find useful for your learning and practice of EFT.

Learning EFT Helps and Self Review Forms

EFT-Fidelity Scale: Self Report Version and Article Abstract – check your knowledge and competency on important EFT skills

Self Supervision Checklist

Training Note Form

Video Session Review Form

For Supervisors and Supervision

Bug-In-Ear Informed Consent Sample Form

Case Presentation Form

Cycle Fill In Form

Supervision/Consultation Agreement

Supervision/Consultation Agreement –  To You To Edit For Your Use

Cloud or Computer – Practice Management Info

How to make a video file an audio file, for transcription – by Alan Groverman
For MAC                 For PC

Clinical Forms

Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS)

DAS Article for Scoring Info

Sample Video Release – Word


Sample Video Consent by Sandy Jardine

“NO Secrets” Policy

First Session Possible Questions

Sexual Relations Assessment-no heading

EFT Assessment and Session Notes

Sandy Jardine’s After First Session Homework/Assessment Questions Give to couples at the end of the first session, ideally to have back prior to individual session.