EFFT Online Support Course

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Online Course 

Trainers: Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Jim Furrow

This group will focus on supporting those who are interested in learning more about EFFT and how it applies clinically to systemic cases with varying presenting problems. Our time will consist of clip reviews, plus didactic and case discussions with EFT Trainers who specialize in EFFT.

You only need to have completed the 2-day EFFT training to participate. You are not required to present in this EFFT series. However, we would love to have those of you who feel comfortable continue to send in clips. We are all EFFT learners in this journey together.

This series is a 6-session commitment. All sessions are recorded and available for your review upon request, regardless of whether you attended or missed the live online EFFT group. You may start at any time during the year and will have access to the six sessions following your registration and first payment.

Payment in full is required regardless of whether you attend or watch all of the online sessions. 


Each online class will be from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM PST. The dates of the sessions are:

January 28, 2016 Thursday
February 22, 2016 Canceled
March 24, 2016 Thursday
April 18, 2016 Monday
May 16, 2016 Monday
June 20, 2016 Monday
July 14, 2016 Thursday
August 4, 2016 Thursday
September 1, 2016 Thursday
October 6, 2016 Thursday
November 3, 2016 Thursday
December 1, 2016 Thursday


$85 per session, for a total of $510 per six sessions.


Please contact Stephanie Hahn: stephanieyhahn@gmail.com