In Session – 2015


IN SESSION – Season 2015
A Study of EFT through Trainer’s Eyes. Back by popular demand.

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Join Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen as she hosts a series of SEVEN monthly webinars with EFT Trainers.

See trainers in the therapist chair, learn their decision making process, hear their self-of-therapist struggles and discover different styles you can model.

This webinar series is designed to keep you fresh, engaged and learning.

As part of the season you will receive a transcript of each session and the cycle overview. During the webinar you can ask questions in the webinar chat box. You also have the option of joining in for a test run before the webinar to view the full session uninterrupted.

This online training provides you with training that is convenient and easy to access. You will receive recorded replays so you can review the event as often as you’d like through out the season.

  • See the major moves of EFT
  • Hear the key decision points
  • Trainer feelings during the session
  • Ask questions and interact with other participants in real-time chat.
  • A transcript of the session
  • 90 minutes of  instruction and demonstration
  • Access to the episode recording

  • Pre-show session viewing. This gives you opportunity to see the session straight through, test your online set-up, ask tech questions and chat with your colleagues while we test out things behind the scenes 
Don’t worry, if you can’t make it live, you can see it and learn when ever you have time by watching the recording.

Look at this great line up!

Season 5: Began June 17th. 2015. You can still sign up and get all the replays!

Scott Woolley-2014

Scott R. Woolley TRI EFT

Scott R. Woolley, PhD


Stage 1 Cycle work with complications of Physical
Injury and Affair 

Veronica Kallos-Lilly

Veronica Kallos-Lilly VCFI

Veronica Kallos-Lilly July 15. 2015

Gail Palmer SQ

Gail Palmer, ICEEFT Co-Founder

Gail Palmer August 5, 2015

Kenny Sanderfer EFT Tennessee/Kentucky

Kenny Sanderfer
EFT Tennessee/Kentucky

Kenny Sanderfer September 2, 2015

Debi Scimeca-Diaz 2015

Debi Scimeca-Diaz New Jersey Center for EFT

 Debi Scimeca-Diaz October 7, 2015

Nancy Aikin, PhD

Nancy Aikin, PhD Sacramento-Davis EFT Center

Nancy Aikin, PhD Nov 4, 2015

Michael Barnett, LCSW Atlanta Center for EFT

Michael Barnett Dec 2, 2015

To sign up to part of these 7 webinars, pay below. You have the choice of making one full payment/installment of $300 or 4 installments of $79 each.

After you sign up you will be sent instructions within 72 hours of how to get the replays. You can study at your convenience and earn CE home study credits (see below).

We’re looking forward to seeing you online!

What Attendees Said:

I want to endorse In Session as a fantastic learning experience and to thank the EFT therapists who were willing to share their sessions. I watched the complete sessions and the session excerpts with comments. I was not able to participate live. I will definitely sign up for another series [when] it is offered. I learn so much by watching master therapists as they practice the art of EFT! …Online education and supervision in the model are lifelines for me. – Suzanne Graybill
 I enjoyed seeing different trainers doing sessions to help me realize that everyone can have a little of their own style while still following the model. It was also very helpful to hear the commentary from the trainers.
Seeing different trainers/different styles of doing EFT was really helpful. And seeing EFT being applied to different kinds of populations was great – infidelity, stroke, addiction – that is so useful, and so close to clients that are actually coming in – and where I sometimes find myself wondering if it is possible to use EFT effectively.
I enjoyed most seeing how seasoned therapists manage common patterns like a withdrawer exiting. I enjoyed seeing how an addiction pattern was processed. I also appreciated seeing a trauma case with withdraw withdraw patterns. It was a nice variety. I benefit from the discussion and process portion between Rebecca and the presenting therapist.
I most enjoyed that it is a self paced process where we can watch some of the best of the best do their EFT magic with Dr Jorgensen helping to deepen our understanding of the steps and stages of EFT.


For an additional fee of $25, a possible 7 credits will be available  by answering home study questions.

Full Payment of $300


Installment Plan

In Session Season 5
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $79.00 USD
Every 6 weeks (x 3) $79.00 USD
Total $316.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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FAQ About our online trainings (webinars)

What’s a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet. You will be given a url location to use at the time of the online meeting.

IN-SESSION is a season of seminars that feature different Trainers showing tape of their work and reveal their feelings, intentions, decision points and observations. It provides you an opportunity to see different personality styles using the model, “get inside” the trainers head, and ask questions.

Do I need any special technology?

All you need is high speed internet and a computer that has flash technology. If you can watch Youtube video then you have flash technology already on your computer. However, you will want to have update your flash player so you have the most current version. For instructions on how to update your flash player see the instructions below.

How do I know if my internet connection is fast enough?

You can test your internet connection by using this link:

How do I get to the webinar?

After you register you and your membership is verified, you will be sent a link with instructions to attend the meeting. If you don’t get your email instructions within 4 working days, feel free to email us.

What service do you use for the webinar?

Trainer Talk will be hosted in Adobe Connect Pro meeting room. If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before you can get a quick overview (though it’s really a sales pitch you can watch) to be a little more familiar with the online setting. Go to:

What do I do after I go to the meeting url?

After you go to the meeting link (or url), you will need to sign with your username and password. You will then be able to enter the room. Once you’re are in the meeting room you will follow these instructions

To be able to hear: Once you are in the meeting room, you will want to adjust your audio settings. This is how you do it:

At the top Left menu bar, click on “Meeting” – drop down to “Audio Set Up Wizard”. Then go through the wizard.

You can skip the microphone set up – you will not be using a mic during IN-SESSION.

Doing the wizard will take you about 3 – 5 minutes. Sign in early so you’re ready to go when the meeting begins.

To chat:

You will see a chat box below the participants list during the Q&A part of the episode. The main body of the chat area is for the chat stream. At the bottom of the chat box is a small while oblong box, that is where you type.

What if I miss a session, can I watch it later?

IN-SESSION is designed as a continuing eduction (CE) workshop. for real time observation and participation. However, we know that not everyone wants CE units or can’t make it in real time. We will record each session and you will be able to see replays anytime throughout the season and for a month following the last episode.

If I can’t attend live, will I still be able to watch the recording?

Yes, you will get a recording link following the live event.

How many times can I watch the recording?

You can watch the recording an unlimited amount of times up until a month following the last session.