Emotionally Focused Therapy

Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy (TRI EFT) is here to serve you as you seek to learn and master the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy. We provide therapist training so you can do excellent couple and family therapy.

What is EFT? Emotionally Focused Therapy, also known as EFT, is based on attachment theory and is an Empirically Based Treatment (highly effective couple therapy)  like non other in the field.  Here is a short clip that will help you have a basic understanding of why couples get caught in disagreement and disconnection. We work directly with Dr. Sue Johnson and are affiliated with her Institute. Here’s a message from her. We hope you’ll join us in this relationship revolution.


Drs. Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Sue Johnson, Scott Woolley, Rebecca Jorgensen

TRI EFT Directors: Drs. Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Sue Johnson, Scott Woolley, Rebecca Jorgensen

EFT is a research proven method for helping couples move from distress to trust and closeness. For a summary of EFT research, click here.

Here at TRI EFT we have a three fold mission to strengthen families through:

  1. Training of students and licensed professionals in the practice of EFT,
  2. Advancing EFT through research and
  3. Providing service to the community.

You will see the execution of this mission represented throughout this site and at the *Alliant Couple and Family Clinic.

TRI EFT is affiliated with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. We are grateful to Sue for her vision, creativity and the message of hope and change she, and the EFT model, offer to couples, individuals and families around the world.

We are meeting together at the 4th International EFT Summit in October, 2017. We’d love to see you there. Click on the image below to learn more.



‘I continue to be in awe of the generosity and breadth of knowledge of the members of this [ICEEFT community] listserve. How lucky are we to be a part of such an amazing community!!’    C. Morris



Questions? Click Here to send us an email.

*Alliant International University is a private university accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Alliant is an equal opportunity employer and educator. Alliant co-sponsors many of our continuing education courses. We are pleased to be partnered with them.




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